A sun that always shines on my wall

The magic of dawn

My favorite time of the day is sunrise. It’s a magical time. The air clears of all the dust and stink, the streets are empty and the world is all quiet and mysterious as if waiting for something big to happen. If you go out in an hour like this, you’ll hear every leaf stir, every bug chirp in the grass, every twig crisp under your feet. There is nothing like being out at dawn. The sky would slowly swell pink and gold setting the stage for the main hero – the huge, glowing ball of the sun. At this moment, I open up my hands, close my eyes and take in the entire energy gushing at me from over the horizon. I can really feel it. This pulsating, vibrating stream of life washing all over me… It takes away all the troubles and disappointments of yesterday and fills me with new strength to get up and try, and try, and try… I don’t know what I would have done without this morning meditation. Lately, it seems to be the only thing saving me from stress. This and art 🙂

When a painting comes alive

Last week, I found a perfect sunrise painting here to keep before my eyes in case I can’t make it out in time to witness my favorite part of the morning. I ran across it accidentally in the online gallery of Leonid Afremov. Well, that’s actually also his web store where you can buy a canvas if you really like it. I hit that store accidentally, too 🙂 So, by pure accident, I became an owner of a wonderful seascape that now hangs in my bedroom 🙂 Just check it out:

  • The sky is so beautifully painted, there are all colors of the rainbow here! At first, it might seem like too much, but somehow they all complement each other.
  • The composition is lovely, too. A vast expanse of the open sea basking in the colors of the rising sun, a few vessels sailing back and forth and a vague outline of a mysterious shore in the distance.
  • And finally it’s impossible not to mention the whole style of the painting. The way those strokes are laid, I’m not an expert, but I guess Afremov stands out among contemporary artists with his vibrant, expressive manner.

There are dozens of other seascapes and sunrise beach paintings in the artist’s collection. You should really take a look at it to get what I’m saying 🙂


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